99 Loftus Street 


Perth WA 6003
Phone: 0433 402 626



Leadership Team


Senior Pastors:        Dan & Tracey Sheikh

Executive Pastors:   Arastoo & Megan Yazdani

Elders:                       Yuddy & Jade Nguyen

Creative Team:        Terry & Anne Teo

Youth:                       Javier & Whitney Franco

Kids:                          Nestori & Sarah Franco



Sunday: 9.30am, 99 Loftus Street, Leederville



Perth City Church is a modern, relevant, multi-cultural church located in the inner-city area of Perth. We believe that the Heart of God for the people of the city is that all are welcome and all are wanted in His House.

Since we acknowledge that none of us are perfect anyway we don't judge others but recognise that we are all on a lifelong journey. We are passionate about the love, kindness, compassion, mercy and grace of God and that is where we believe He wants us to place our focus. We are also passionate about you! That's right, if we can be part of moving someone closer to God and helping them find a place in the Family of Faith then we consider that a BIG win!the Perth metropolitan area. We chose our location in Northbridge so that we would be at the centre of our great city and be easily accessible to all. That is the Heart of God for the people of the city, that all are welcome and all are wanted in His Church.

At Perth City Church we carry the Heart of God - we are a church that does not judge others, does not condemn others, and we aspire to demonstrate the Love of Jesus through our actions and words. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, all are welcome, all are wanted.