Shane and I have been pastoring in Narrogin for close to 9 years, one of the things that we have really felt God use us is being involved in the local community including being YouthCARE Chaplains. We felt when we moved to Narrogin that we needed to be in the Market Place in Narrogin, a Bookshop was for sale at the time but we didn't have the finances. 8 years later we have been able to purchase a building in the Main Street of Narrogin. Many days of painting and renovating and we are looking at opening in Term 4. Ps. John Hardy has been our driving force in making sure we stick to timelines.

Our vision for our shop is to have somewhere safe where people can come and feel comfortable, to have a place that young mums can feed babies and older people can sit and read a book. We will be selling books, Christian and non Christian. Also involved will be our local community members who are very talented in card making, gifts, crafts, jewellery and other interesting goods. We have 10 local authors who's books will be made available in the shop.

We have purchased a freezer for Gelati and in the process of saving for the kitchen. Coffee is on the menu and soup, cakes, biscuits etc. Churros on a friday night. Programs will be run in the shop and the Town of Narrogin has approved all we have asked for.





Narrogin Christian Centre



Shop 1, 99 Federal St Narrogin



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