Through various programs, including Alta 1, outreach focused youth programs and high school mentoring we came into contact with young people who were transient, homeless or in unsafe situations. We believe that everyone should be cared for and have a safe place.

Housing is just a small aspect, meeting physical needs is just the start. Live in mentors and connections to church community are vital parts of the program. We understand that many young people who present with challenging behaviours can benefit from positive community. It is through this sharing of lives and giving of unconditional love and support that many young people in the house have come to turn thier lives around and also connect with Jesus. We have housed more than 15 young people including one young mum and her son. To date 8 of these have been baptized and most are currently connected to church, some serving and leading, one even a staff member. 

The young people are supported to deal with drug use and mental health issues, increase independent living skills, engage in education and in cases where it is possible, reestablish or work on family relationships, with many family members becoming involved in our programs..


The house has the support of many local businesses and generous people outside of our church, facilitated through participation in National Homelessness Prevention Week and local service provider forums, providing connection not only for young people and their families but allowing the community to connect with what we are doing also.





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