Cityview Church is fortunate to be located next door to a nursing home. As a result, over the last 5 years we’ve established a healthy relationship with this aged community.


Every second Tuesday, in every month, we bring a Christian service to them which includes songs of worship & praise, prayer and an interactive sermon, all geared to be relevant for their specific needs. In addition to this, once a fortnight we hold a cell group (in the nursing home) called Jesus Jewels, where those who’ve become Christians within the nursing home can meet together for extra fellowship and teaching.


"As a minister, it has been an absolute delight to see people meet Jesus in their twilight years", explains Pamela Haneveld. "Some I’ve even baptised, and not long after – buried. I’m blessed to have a dedicated elder, Mary Smoult, who regularly visits and gives pastoral care. The only ‘inconvenience’ is that we have to remember to make plenty of room for the gophers & wheel chairs which regularly frequent our church services".





Cityview Church



Windsor Park Nursing Home



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