During the month of May Nations Church Belmont conducted it’s third Community Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Distribution. We were able to purchase tons of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, with over 11 different varieties from local suppliers. This was available to any Centrelink pension card holders in the City of Belmont. In addition to this they were also given fresh milk and eggs.

Approximately 100 keen volunteers arrived early to set up the Fruit and Vegetable stalls, fun activities for the kids as well as a scrumptious breakfast.

Each family were warmly welcomed and served around tables before being assisted to collect their fresh food. Some 400 families received approximately 15-20kg of Fresh produce. We also had live food demonstrations and recipes to encourage healthy eating habits.

This enabled us to create meaningful connections with many families from our Community. Many people left tearful and full of gratitude. Since this time we have had some of these people visit the church and send their teenagers to the Youth program. This has also contributed to some of the recipients now volunteering in our weekly Fresh food distribution.

The whole event perpetuated the goodwill that we already have in the Community. There was a great sense of family and belonging with people of all ages and backgrounds working together.




Nations Church Bemont



Church premises 240 Epsom Ave, Belmont



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