Champion Lakes Christian Church operates a commercial Play Centre where members of the public come to have a coffee, eat great food, and watch the children have fun. We have a great team of staff supported by a Play Ground Chaplain. With smiles, and hugs, we earn the right to have deeper and meaningful conversations with people. This enables us to build quality relationships that can be leveraged for kingdom purposes.


We are bless to have 1000 people in some weeks attending our Play Centre. We have added alongside of this activity other short courses and programs where members of the public can connect and rub shoulders with Christians.


One of our more successful 'pathway' bolt ons is a program called Mainly Music. This program provides great music and motion where young ones have a great time learning motor skills.


There are grandmothers, mothers, and volunteers working in a wonderful environment. When people trust you with their children, they are ready to trust you with your message.


On average, we generate about 10 first time visitors to church each week through the Champs@Play ministry.





Champion Lakes Christian Church



20 Brant Rd Kelmscott 





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