What is Community Engagement?

There are so many stories of churches supporting, empowering and building strong relationships in their local communities throughout the week, not just Sundays. ACC community engagement is all about shifting mindsets on how to relate to our local communities in a more engaging way.


The vast majority of Australians aren’t waking up Sunday morning wondering ‘Where is a great church I can go to?’. These Australians are the very ones we want to engage, because although they may not be thinking church service, they do have eternity placed in their heart and we are confident they need Jesus just as much as we do.


What if our churches looked more like a place that enhances our community 7 days a week? To think like a community engaging church is to use our resources to provide practical support but is also a place to engage, to relax, be social and all the things Australians like to do. 


Our churches should be a well in our communities, a place where people come for something they think they need, but leave with something so much more.



Exciting News!

We now have an area on our state website where you can see all the great things our churches are doing and upload your churches stories of community engagement.


Click on the links below to read about what is happening in our great state. We would also love you to share your stories with short videos and pictures to encourage the churches of our state. 



Click here to upload your story and encourage others about the work your church is doing in your community.



Click here to read more stories on our National ACC Community Engagement Website


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